Charity for the Philippines

Hey, everyone! I'm late as usual on allllll my cartoons, but I had a book to wrap up and other offline commitments that I'm now squaring away. I can't thank you all enough for being so patient. That final late-but-better-than-never October cartoon will be up in a few days, and then Death & Elsie 3 will follow shortly after. And somewhere in there, I'll probably have to make some edits to the book again and then I'll disappear again... you know how it is. ;-)

But! All of the above is just fluff compared to some bigger world news items. The typhoon in the Philippines was devastating, and it breaks my heart. The loss of life in Tacloban and surrounding areas is staggering; the survivors are now living their worst nightmares. If you have some spare pocket change, consider donating to the Red Cross, won't you?

Visit the Red Cross donation page



Well. This happened.

Okay, guys. Don't be mad, but... my latest 31 Days installment has become something much bigger than it started. But I MUST finish it! So, there's a change of 31 Days Plan again (I'm always doing that, aren't I?). I'm going to keep working on this little doozie, and then I'll post a bigger, better short somewhere around Halloween. That means you don't get little 30-second clips every other day, but consider the previous five episodes warm-ups to something a little more interesting. And, yes, Death & Elsie 3 will be released shortly after that. I won't give you a date (because we all know I'll miss it), but I have not forgotten it, I puh-romise.


31 Days: The Nightmare

So, I'm switching up the previously established release schedule due to other commitments (and possibly a cold coming on). Original 31 Days cartoons will be every other day, whether that's a weekday or weekend. In between is when you'll get to sample the creepy awesomeness of other artists. Until I change the schedule again. ;-) But today's entry is absolutely by yours truly! And so, whether you like it or not, I present to you - The Nightmare.

31 Days: Pencil Face

Welp, today I'm going to have to cheat and show you someone else's amazing work instead of my own. I am not feeling my oats today, so I'm left with two half-finished 'toons and a general feeling of bleh. This is one of my favorites, though, so gather 'round the YouTubes! In the mean time, get all your voodoo dolls together and ward off the sickness for me.

It's almost halloween time.

Tomorrow's October 1st. Do you know what that means, kiddies? No?! My goodness! Where have you been? Why, October is 31 Days of Halloween!  That means you have an entire month of frights, creeps, and unsavory nasties to look forward to. What's on the menu this season? Oh, just twenty-three new animations! Every weekday, I'll be racing to put together and show you one short Halloween cartoon. This will be my biggest challenge yet, but I already have a graveyard's heap of ideas that I just can't wait to show you all.

I'm taking the weekends off this year, but that doesn't mean your bucket will be empty on Saturdays and Sundays! On those days, I'll share with you something delightfully creepy by other artists. So, if you have a favorite spooky video or animation, do be a dear and send me a link! I can't promise I'll post everything. There are only so many weekends in a month, after all.

As always, 31 Days is meant for grownups. Parents and teachers - watch first before showing to the young'uns.

See you tomorroooooow...

Happy Friday the 13th!

Hello, hello, everyone! It's been an age, hasn't it? I've been working away at animations and my second book and figuring out just what I'm going to do for 31 days of Halloween this year! That's coming up in a couple of weeks! Can you believe it? (By the way, thanks for all the heads' up on missing installments of previous years' 31 Days. I'll fix that soon).

Speaking of that second book: since it's been a while, and you've been so patient, and since it is Friday the 13th, I'll tell you my working title for it. Keep in mind - this could very well change! But the name's starting to grow on me, so I suppose I'll share it: The Grandmothers.

"That's all very well, Miss Katy, but what do I get to see?" you ask. Well then! To that, I offer a couple of my early sketches. These were just concepts, mind you, but they might just give you a hint as to what this new tale is all about.



I'll tell you more about the story soon. I think I'm coming to a close on the first draft of the manuscript, and there's no telling what might change after that! But thanks again, you lovely bunch, for waiting so kindly for updates from me.


Greetings and welcome to the new!

After what seems like eons of work, the new face of is ready to be unveiled! Well, mostly. You may still find some missing images and elements in old blog posts, but I'm working to clean those up. So, now that you're here, take a gander at some of the new features! Features like...

New fan section

New fan forums, updated fan art, and a whole new way to share your own are all right here. More features may show up here soon, so keep an eye on it!

Better movie gallery

Gone is the old gallery that sometimes didn't load, or didn't give you a permanent link to the videos.

Improved art gallery

You can now link to individual illustrations, too! And because there are a lot of 'em, they're broken up into handy categories based on fan favorites.

More detailed book page

Find audio clips and purchase links all on the same page. Hint hint: this will be updated with info about a new book before long. ;-)

And, of course...

Everything else looks just a little bit better. It's responsive, too, so you can easily visit it on your mobile devices!

Anyway, keep checking back. Now that I've undergone the lengthy process of redecorating the place, I can now put my efforts back into filling it with new illustrations and movies. In the mean time, sign up and chat with fellow fans on the forum.