Happy Friday the 13th!

Hello, hello, everyone! It's been an age, hasn't it? I've been working away at animations and my second book and figuring out just what I'm going to do for 31 days of Halloween this year! That's coming up in a couple of weeks! Can you believe it? (By the way, thanks for all the heads' up on missing installments of previous years' 31 Days. I'll fix that soon).

Speaking of that second book: since it's been a while, and you've been so patient, and since it is Friday the 13th, I'll tell you my working title for it. Keep in mind - this could very well change! But the name's starting to grow on me, so I suppose I'll share it: The Grandmothers.

"That's all very well, Miss Katy, but what do I get to see?" you ask. Well then! To that, I offer a couple of my early sketches. These were just concepts, mind you, but they might just give you a hint as to what this new tale is all about.



I'll tell you more about the story soon. I think I'm coming to a close on the first draft of the manuscript, and there's no telling what might change after that! But thanks again, you lovely bunch, for waiting so kindly for updates from me.