Greetings and welcome to the new!

After what seems like eons of work, the new face of is ready to be unveiled! Well, mostly. You may still find some missing images and elements in old blog posts, but I'm working to clean those up. So, now that you're here, take a gander at some of the new features! Features like...

New fan section

New fan forums, updated fan art, and a whole new way to share your own are all right here. More features may show up here soon, so keep an eye on it!

Better movie gallery

Gone is the old gallery that sometimes didn't load, or didn't give you a permanent link to the videos.

Improved art gallery

You can now link to individual illustrations, too! And because there are a lot of 'em, they're broken up into handy categories based on fan favorites.

More detailed book page

Find audio clips and purchase links all on the same page. Hint hint: this will be updated with info about a new book before long. ;-)

And, of course...

Everything else looks just a little bit better. It's responsive, too, so you can easily visit it on your mobile devices!

Anyway, keep checking back. Now that I've undergone the lengthy process of redecorating the place, I can now put my efforts back into filling it with new illustrations and movies. In the mean time, sign up and chat with fellow fans on the forum.