31 days of halloween 2013

Well. This happened.

Okay, guys. Don't be mad, but... my latest 31 Days installment has become something much bigger than it started. But I MUST finish it! So, there's a change of 31 Days Plan again (I'm always doing that, aren't I?). I'm going to keep working on this little doozie, and then I'll post a bigger, better short somewhere around Halloween. That means you don't get little 30-second clips every other day, but consider the previous five episodes warm-ups to something a little more interesting. And, yes, Death & Elsie 3 will be released shortly after that. I won't give you a date (because we all know I'll miss it), but I have not forgotten it, I puh-romise.


31 Days: The Nightmare

So, I'm switching up the previously established release schedule due to other commitments (and possibly a cold coming on). Original 31 Days cartoons will be every other day, whether that's a weekday or weekend. In between is when you'll get to sample the creepy awesomeness of other artists. Until I change the schedule again. ;-) But today's entry is absolutely by yours truly! And so, whether you like it or not, I present to you - The Nightmare.


31 Days: Pencil Face

Welp, today I'm going to have to cheat and show you someone else's amazing work instead of my own. I am not feeling my oats today, so I'm left with two half-finished 'toons and a general feeling of bleh. This is one of my favorites, though, so gather 'round the YouTubes! In the mean time, get all your voodoo dolls together and ward off the sickness for me.  


It's almost halloween time.

Tomorrow's October 1st. Do you know what that means, kiddies? No?! My goodness! Where have you been? Why, October is 31 Days of Halloween!  That means you have an entire month of frights, creeps, and unsavory nasties to look forward to. What's on the menu this season? Oh, just twenty-three new animations! Every weekday, I'll be racing to put together and show you one short Halloween cartoon. This will be my biggest challenge yet, but I already have a graveyard's heap of ideas that I just can't wait to show you all.

I'm taking the weekends off this year, but that doesn't mean your bucket will be empty on Saturdays and Sundays! On those days, I'll share with you something delightfully creepy by other artists. So, if you have a favorite spooky video or animation, do be a dear and send me a link! I can't promise I'll post everything. There are only so many weekends in a month, after all.

As always, 31 Days is meant for grownups. Parents and teachers - watch first before showing to the young'uns.

See you tomorroooooow...