Store Revamp

Upon my return to DeviantArt, I've moved  my prints out of ImageKind and over to DA! This means that most prints are a little cheaper now, and I've always been more satisfied with DA's print quality. If you already have orders pending at my ImageKind store, don't worry! They'll still be processed. If you wish to cancel or anything, you'll need to contact them. My new store page also has easy links to buy books and t-shirts. Speaking of t-shirts: a lot of the smaller sizes are sold out or almost sold out at the moment. They'll come back at a later date. If you want to snag the few that are left before the wait, better hop on it!

Oh heavens!

I've gone and turned 30 some time in the night. The 10-year-old in my head is greatly displeased. The 70-year-old in my head says, "Pipe down, whippersnapper!" But the artist in my head promises that this year will be filled with all the illustrated blood and written guts you can shake a stick at. Growing up is for somebody else to do, I say. ;) Coming soon: all of your recent fan art (it's wonderful!), some new illustrations, a calendar for 2011, and more prints.

Coming later: a cartoon called Boy, and a novel about some Skary Childrin.

New Shop!

Your Christmas shopping just got easier! (That is if everyone you know enjoys the antics of creepy little children who missed a few of the ten commandments during their lessons. Which, of course, everyone does.)  Click here for new prints, old prints, greeting cards, and a 2010 update of the Leading Ladies calendar (now featuring Ida and the Plague Kid)! 2010 Calendar

Note: all orders are handled by either ImageKind or Lulu, so shipping and all that should be fairly quick. If you need customer support, they're the ones who can help.