Store Revamp

Upon my return to DeviantArt, I've moved  my prints out of ImageKind and over to DA! This means that most prints are a little cheaper now, and I've always been more satisfied with DA's print quality. If you already have orders pending at my ImageKind store, don't worry! They'll still be processed. If you wish to cancel or anything, you'll need to contact them. My new store page also has easy links to buy books and t-shirts. Speaking of t-shirts: a lot of the smaller sizes are sold out or almost sold out at the moment. They'll come back at a later date. If you want to snag the few that are left before the wait, better hop on it!

Almost Contest Time Again

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm putting together the latest batch of (fantastic!) fan art. There's a new illustration in the works as well as a new animation (though that one's quite a while off). T-shirts will be on their way soon, too, which makes me think it's a good time for a contest! But what sort of contest should I do for a Skary shirt giveaway? Is there something you've just been wishing I'd ask for so you'd finally get your chance? Send your suggestions here!

Here there be t-shirts

As previously mentioned, your pleas have been answered, and I'm finally working on some t-shirts! Here are the top designs I'm considering:

This first set will be a limited run, and price is tentatively set for $15 each, so I need your help figuring out which design to run and how many! Answer the following anonymous survey (it's just three short questions) and pick the next Skary shirt!