Thoughts On Skout Kamp

In all the book craziness, I've been a tad slow with updates, but I hope to be all caught up soon! I'm still planning to wrap up "The Mockingbird Song" this month. Still working on a new illustration. And still working on the new rendition of Skout Kamp! In case you've forgotten, the Skary Skouts were essentially my street team some time back when I had more time to manage it (with the help of some Skouts). Many former Skouts have let me know it's time to bring Kamp back, so that's what I'm working to do. Hooray! Here's what's in the blueprints so far:

  • Profile page: all Skouts will have their own profile page which they can update with a little info about themselves and why they're fans of Skary. Their friends and fellow Skouts will be able to leave comments for them. It's sorta like Facebook but without the pressure to build up a 2D farm!
  • Missions: Skouts will regularly receive little missions to carry out in the name of Skary. Completing these tasks will give you points which you can save up for prizes that are only available to registered Skouts.
  • Chats with me! Every so often (monthly, perhaps), I'll host a chat at the Skout site. Ask me questions. Swap casserole recipes with each other. Whatever!
  • Exclusive content: You'll get to see more of my work in progress than anyone else. Sketches, cartoon sneak peaks, and so on.

All of this will be free, of course. Your missions will help me get the word out, and in return, you'll get to do and see some fun stuff. But there's still a lot for me to do, so it will be some time before it's ready! A few of you will receive invitations to test the new site before anybody else (you know who you are). I heard a rumor that if you retweet me on Twitter, you'll be added to the beta tester list. But you didn't hear that from me.