Some 'Mockingbird' Questions Answered

Two days until The Mockingbird Song! It's been a couple of years since my last long cartoon (Ida's Luck Part 2), so I'm very excited to show it off. I've been getting a few questions about it since I initially announced it, so here are a few of those answers:

  • I'm narrating it this time.
  • It's based on a Sixcast episode I wrote and recorded a few months ago; many of you may already be familiar with it. I've taken the recording down for now so that you'll have some time to forget it!
  • As mentioned previously, there are a few slight changes in the story. They are minor, but they're important without drastically changing the one you already liked.
  • It's ten minutes long! Whew!
  • It's very different from a typical Skary cartoon. Still sad and spooky (I hope), but Shawnee Jenkins is a fairly normal Kansas eight-year-old considering that, well... you'll see what I mean. ;-)
  • Those of you with young children who are also fans (yay!), I would hold off on showing them this one until you've seen it first. There's some violence and gore. Granted, it's very stylish gore with a retro look to it and all, but vintage entrails are still entrails.
  • Can anyone embroider? I would love a throw pillow that said "Vintage entrails are still entrails."

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!