Clear a space on the bookshelf.


I've written a book.


I've gotten a deal with the Knopf imprint of Random House for two middle grade children's novels.


I'm illustrating them too.

This, of course, means you'll have to read them or, at the very least, put them out on the coffee table for company. But that day is still some time off - possibly in the fall of 2011 for the first one - so here's a little info to salivate over in the mean time.

The first book is tentatively titled Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow. It's not quite finished, but I can tell you with certainty that it will fulfill your wishes for disappearing people, frightful things in the woods, cursed towns and dark, dark times. And then there are the children.

The children in this tale are a bit different from the Childrin you're used to; they're older for one thing, and they've got a whole new kind of oddness about them. Oh, but I think you'll like them. I'm not sure I'd want to cross their paths if you didn't is all I'm saying.

As I mentioned above, you've still got quite a wait ahead of you, but you'll undoubtedly hear me talking about it here, there and everywhere along the way. You're welcome to talk about it here, there and everywhere along the way too! I wouldn't dare stop you.

(You know where else to find updates, don't you? Of course you do. It's only for those other people that I'm mentioning Twitter and Facebook)