New Skary Shop

After years and years of several different shops that all required different logins, I've now consolidated everything into one single shop. Hooray! It's so gosh darn fancy I can hardly believe it. It even works on your phones. Among the new products, there are a few things I know you'll be excited about, but you'd better hurry! Some of these items are fairly limited. New stuff includes:

Signed Books
Signed Books

Signed copies of Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow

I only have a few paperback and hardcovers put aside for sale, but I will sign them to whomever you wish and sell 'em to you until they run out.

Pre-order signed copies of Charlie and the Grandmothers

I don't yet have my own final copies of these. I have to wait just like everyone else. But! When I do have copies, I'll put aside a few to sign ahead of time.  Note: you may not get your copy from me as quickly as you would from, say, Amazon, but it will be personalized, and should come soon after release.


Custom Doodles

Something I get asked for a lot is a drawing of a particular subject. I've done this on occasion, but I haven't always had time. Now, for a short time only, I'm going to take your requests for postcard-sized doodles of whatever you like! They're on sale for a few days only as I think it'd be an awful lot of fun to see what requests I get. They'll go up in price soon, and I can only do a few at a time, so get your request in while you can!

New designs for mugs and t-shirts

In additional to the ol' Mister Creazil and Death classics, there areGenevieve and Plague Kid and the Autumnal Collector too!

Oh! One more thing! if you make an order by 11:59PM PST this Saturday night, you can use this coupon code to get a 10% discount on everything except custom doodles and books: SKARYTEN