Countdown to Grandmothers!

Charlie and the Grandmothers comes out in less than a month!
Charlie and the Grandmothers comes out in less than a month!

Here's a riddle for you. What's black and white and read all over and comes out in less than a month? Answer: CHARLIE AND THE GRANDMOTHERS! (Okay, that was a terrible riddle.)

This is what Booklist recently had to say about it: 

Twelve-year-old Charlie is highly observant but a worrier—finding something to fear in every detail. When he notices that local children are disappearing on visits to their grandmothers, Charlie worries that he and his sister Georgie will be next, despite the fact that they don’t have any grandmothers. Soon his mother begins acting strangely and introduces them to Pearl and Opal, two grandmothers who Charlie knows aren’t part of the family. Creepy and gnarled, the old women play good and bad granny with the children in a world where walls, stairs, hallways, and doors move and disappear, and where nightmares seem to live. Enter the evil queen to whom the grandmothers bring children so she can steal their dreams and memories. Because Charlie notices and questions everything, he has an advantage in this terrifying situation, and it’s up to him to save his sister, his mother, and the world. Crossing Neil Gaiman with Roald Dahl, this dark but engaging tale has a bright future. Final black-and-white illustrations not seen.

— Jeanne Fredriksen, Booklist

Whoa, a Roald Dahl and a Neil Gaiman comparison? I'm not worthy!

You can still pre-order GRANDMOTHERS which comes out officially on August 4th. If you'd like one signed, you can get your mitts on one in my store (but it won't ship until after the book comes out, FYI). Hurry, though! I'm only selling a few!

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More book news:

  • My long-promised trailer will be posted next week! What day? I don't know. I always have technical problems at the last minute, so I'm not going to jinx myself. But next week!
  • Want to tell others about my books but are worried about sending the young'uns to I made a totally safe website for everyone! Visit!
  • Portlanders: I'll be appearing at Powell's on Hawthorne at 7:30pm on August 6th! Come and listen to me read, ask me questions, buy a book and get it signed right there. There will be prizes too!
  • Everyone else: I'll be scheduling some virtual readings soon, probably as a Google Hangout. Got a particular date or time that you're really really hoping for? Let me know!

Pre-order Charlie and the Grandmothers (unsigned) from retailers:

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