31 days of halloween 2011

Buy some art! Help some kids!

It's the holiday season in the US and many places around the world. It's also getting pretty cold in the US and many places around the world! Then again, it's also neither in many places around the world. But every place has children in need, and you can help them out while getting a little something for yourself. Now that 31 Days of Halloween 2011: The Truth About the Glass has finally ended, you have a chance to bid on all the illustrations. All of them! For you (if you win)! Signed, too, if you like. And 100% of the winning bid will go to Children International.

Click here to bid. The auction ends in ten days!


31 Days will be continued!

I'm discovering my own limitations. This business of packing for a move, writing a second book, answering questions as to the whereabouts of Boy (it's coming! Hold your horses!), and trying to do a new installment of 31 Days of Halloween every day is proving somewhat impossible. And since there's a fixed deadline for the whole moving-to-another-part-of-town that's approaching  faster than a truck full of chickens toward two men carrying a glass pane at exactly the wrong time... I'm giving it my priority. I will pick up Constance's misadventures on November 1st (or what I like to call Second October 1st). I will also post a little somethingsomething on Halloween (the real one). It probably won't be animated because that would take more time than I have, but there will be something.

Thanks for waiting!