31 Days will be continued!

I'm discovering my own limitations. This business of packing for a move, writing a second book, answering questions as to the whereabouts of Boy (it's coming! Hold your horses!), and trying to do a new installment of 31 Days of Halloween every day is proving somewhat impossible. And since there's a fixed deadline for the whole moving-to-another-part-of-town that's approaching  faster than a truck full of chickens toward two men carrying a glass pane at exactly the wrong time... I'm giving it my priority. I will pick up Constance's misadventures on November 1st (or what I like to call Second October 1st). I will also post a little somethingsomething on Halloween (the real one). It probably won't be animated because that would take more time than I have, but there will be something.

Thanks for waiting!