Book Launch Aftermath

The book launch for Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow at Metropolis Books last night was amazing! Not only did Metropolis sell totally out of books in a flash, but I got to meet and chat with a bunch of you that I've previously only seen online. It was wonderful to see your faces out there, knowing you made it despite the unforgivable heat outside and the distance some of you drove to get there. I'm only sorry the books were all gone before the rest of you were able to pick up a copy! If you didn't already place an order with Julie at Metropolis Books for yours, I believe you can still do so (but hurry - our beloved Metropolis is shutting its doors after September), or - for those of you who aren't quite so local - check with your nearest bookstore or order online. I have a few pictures from the event that I'm still putting together, but I had to go ahead and post this one because it makes me look like Count(ess) Orlok (taken by my friend Ashley with her phone). Check out my twin in the background there.