31 Days, or The Truth About the Glass, Part 1

Today is the first day of a  month-long series of artwork and storytelling. Last year, there was 31 Letters from the Previous Inhabitants. The year before that was an assortment of art and writing. This year is a 31-part story I'm calling The Truth About the Glass. And... begin!

Once upon a time, there was a widowed nobleman who lived alone with his daughter, Constance.  In most versions of this story, Constance has some other name, and she’s a very great beauty. This is because nobody wanted to hear a tale about an unpleasant young woman with dark circles under her eyes, unbrushed hair, and a knack for always saying exactly whatever would make the neighborhood children cry loudest. Then some men in suits decided to make a picture show of the flowery version, and that was that. History rewritten.   No, the real girl was nothing like a princess at all, I assure you.