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I'm getting prepared to make some tutorial videos, which means I'm setting up lighting equipment and figuring out how to best do this. Umf. Don't worry, I'll get there!

For now, here's a fluff post for ya. You guys ask a lot where I get my inspiration. Being observant of all the little things in the world is the biggest source of inspiration you can get, but! I also find myself inspired with particular ideas while listening to music. So, here are some of the tracks that have inspired specific animations and stories of mine (and by "inspired by," I mean "I was listening to this when I thought of–," not "my stories are about these songs.") I'm not going to say which ones because some have been inspirational for pieces yet to come, but you might enjoy these tunes anyhow. So, crank up your Spotify and get ready for some moody gloom. ;)

(Note: I didn't share a playlist because I'm not confident in my grasp of Spotify's privacy settings, and you guys don't need to know that I sometimes listen to Robyn. Oh, shoot!)

  1. Clogs - "The Owl of Love"
  2. Hauschka - "North Brother Island"
  3. Makeup And Vanity Set - "Homecoming"
  4. The Walker Brothers - "The Electrician"
  5. Anna Meredith - "Nautilus"
  6. Yonderboi - "Before You Snap"
  8. Tim Hecker - "Chimeras"
  9. Moondog - "Bird's Lament"
  10. Clogs - "Sticks & Nails"
  11. Tunng - "King"
  12. Max Richter - "November"
  13. Colleen - "I'll Read You a Story"
  14. Floex - "The Celebration" (from the Samorost 3 soundtrack, a game I wish I could force everyone to play because it's so beautiful)
  15. Josephine Foster - "I See Thee Better In The Dark"
  16. Max Richter - "Infra 2"
  17. Colleen - "Floating In The Clearest Night"
  18. Cat Power - "Werewolf"
  19. Department of Eagles - "In Ear Park"
  20. Harry Nilsson - "I'll Never Leave You"
  21. CocoRosie - "Gallows"

Katy Towell

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