Charlie and the Grandmothers Book Teaser It's finally finished! CHARLIE AND THE GRANDMOTHERS will be available in ebook and hard cover form everywhere books are sold on August 4th, 2015. But you can pre-order it now and call your Christmas shopping for next year done. ;)

Above is a short teaser, but I will be putting together a full trailer soon. Stay tuned for more! In the mean time, check below for book details and order info.

[mybooktable book="charlie-and-the-grandmothers" display="default"]

New stuff, everybody!

Hey everybody! I just finished redesigning! I'm pretty excited about this! The previous incarnation was not really Skary at its best. Now it should be a whole lot easier to view on your mobile devices and, most importantly, videos are so much nicer everywhere! (Except for the really old ones, but I'm working on an HD update to those, I promise). The fan art section has temporarily gone away until I can find a good solution for that. It's just... dang, y'all. You've sent me so much fan art and it's all amazing! I want to showcase it! So, if anyone knows of a solid Wordpress plugin that will let me accept your submissions and post them easily, please let me know in the comments! Unfortunately, this has to be something I can moderate as there have been a few submissions in the past that weren't family friendly if you catch my drift.

Also, if you check down in the footer, you'll see a way to subscribe to my new mailing list! A number of you have let me know that social media isn't your preferred delivery method of news about my projects. So, this one's for you. I promise I won't spam you. Not even if you ask me really nicely. ;-)

It's my new year's resolution to post a lot more, too, so this redesign wasn't just new packaging for the same old stuff.  I have a huge announcement coming up in the next few days, so keep your eyes on this space!

Take a look at D20 The Musical

Attention, everyone! Cory Wray, the mind behind A Night of Frights, is working on a new musical called D20 The Musical. Cory and co. are super talented, so I have no doubt that this will be a great show. But the production needs some support, and that's where you come in. Video below. Oh, and check out the Kickstarter, won't you?

Question: Do you miss Sixcast?

One of the things I get asked about most is "When is Boy coming?" Boy is coming eventually. I'll admit a little bit of fear holding me back because, well, because it's just so complicated a story. But one of the other questions I get asked most is:

"What ever happened to Sixcast?"

For the unfamiliar, Sixcast was a podcast of scary stories I used to tell on a kind-of weekly basis. Some of those stories went on to become animations (The Mockingbird Song and Agony). Others have just sat where they sit. On an ancient website that never gets updated. :( Mysteriously, people are still finding them! Some of these stories have even been performed and others sampled in song.


Suppose I brought Sixcast back in some form? How likely are you to listen to audio-only stories (in addition to the animations I will, of course, continue)?

Just something I'm considering. No promises! I'm just saying I could possibly be persuaded.

Social Checklist! Are you following?

Did you know? I'm everywhere! But are you following? Here's the social checklist:

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Be sure to subscribe/follow/re-post/whatever or else my legion of monsters will follow you. Unless that's what you want. Then they won't. They're selective that way with their stalking.

New 'toon coming soon: Monsterland

Now that I've released Death and Elsie 3, I can move on to other projects. Yay! This upcoming short was originally intended to be a super quick Halloween installment, but the story soon blossomed into something bigger. I can't say when you'll have it yet, but the characters have been drawn and the story's written. Now it just needs to be animated and recorded. It shouldn't be long now.

In the mean time, here's a little tease for you. Be sure to check out the other Skary movies, too!