Question: Do you miss Sixcast?

One of the things I get asked about most is "When is Boy coming?" Boy is coming eventually. I'll admit a little bit of fear holding me back because, well, because it's just so complicated a story. But one of the other questions I get asked most is:

"What ever happened to Sixcast?"

For the unfamiliar, Sixcast was a podcast of scary stories I used to tell on a kind-of weekly basis. Some of those stories went on to become animations (The Mockingbird Song and Agony). Others have just sat where they sit. On an ancient website that never gets updated. :( Mysteriously, people are still finding them! Some of these stories have even been performed and others sampled in song.


Suppose I brought Sixcast back in some form? How likely are you to listen to audio-only stories (in addition to the animations I will, of course, continue)?

Just something I'm considering. No promises! I'm just saying I could possibly be persuaded.

Skary on the stage!

Last year, Cory Wray from the ASU Beebe chapter of Delta Psi Omega directed a stage play with several vignettes based on stories of mine (with my permission, of course). Cory's very talented cast performed it around Halloween for a fundraiser, but they also recorded the vignettes separately. I think they did a lovely job, don't you? (Seriously, though, how great is that performance of Dr. Hex's Mind Menagerie? Also: kazoos!)

Applause for Cory, Lindsey VanBelle, Josh Agnew, Jessica Allis, Brad Roberds, Stacey Johnson, Marty Brown, and everyone else involved in the production!

6cast: Night of the Coyotes

It's been a while since I recorded a 6cast. In fact, my last one wound up becoming an animation you might remember as The Mockingbird Song. This new one is chock full of the horror and cheese that some people seemed to like about the old episodes (which you can still hear here). It's called "Night of the Coyotes," and it's my take on another popular subject. 6cast: Night of the Coyotes