Oh heavens!

I've gone and turned 30 some time in the night. The 10-year-old in my head is greatly displeased. The 70-year-old in my head says, "Pipe down, whippersnapper!" But the artist in my head promises that this year will be filled with all the illustrated blood and written guts you can shake a stick at. Growing up is for somebody else to do, I say. ;) Coming soon: all of your recent fan art (it's wonderful!), some new illustrations, a calendar for 2011, and more prints.

Coming later: a cartoon called Boy, and a novel about some Skary Childrin.

We'll Go Through The Ceiling

Letter #14 generated a lot of interest in the creepy song the spirits of the October house forced through our unfortunate/stupid heroine's mobile phone. "What is that?" "Is that a real song?" "I want that ringtone!" "OMG, I don't ever want that ringtone!" you said.

The song in question is "Come Josephine In My Flying Machine," written by Alfred Bryan and Fred Fischer. It was a hit in 1911 when airplanes were still a fairly new concept, and there are several different recordings from around the same year. The one heard in Letter #14 is sung by Ada Jones and Billy Murray, and you can download it from archive.org. Or just play it below if you don't want to risk its use by cranky otherworldly housemates.