Thanks for chatting with me!

A whole bunch of you came to tonight's chat, and it was fun! My voice wore out fairly early on, thanks to allergies, and there were audio quality issues, but you and a Vegemite-branded mug of mint tea helped me power through. What you missed if you missed it:

  • Me reading an excerpt from Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow (I totally did voices, you guys.)
  • Me relating my haunted daybed experience (with hand gestures)
  • Answers to a lot of really great questions.
  • A demonstration of my sock monkey nesting dolls
  • Your fellow fans!

So, if there's a next time, you really must come by.

Reminders and things!

Don't forget to pop by Tinychat tonight for an e-reading from Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow and a chat with me! All you need is a Tinychat account and a way to listen in. You can participate in the chat via webcam, mic, or text-chat! And while we're talking reminders, here are some more places to find me:

And places to find my book:

Speaking of the book, check out the latest fan art I got! Aw, Phillip. And sandwiches! Good job, Zoe. And that reminds me that I may have to do a book-related fan art contest soon. Been a while since I had a contest, hasn't it?


Sit a spell and have a chat with me!

What are your plans next Friday night at 8pm Pacific? How about parking yourself in front of your computer and listening to me read to you a bit... live? And if it's all right with you (and even if it isn't), a Q&A session after. All you need is a Tinychat account and speakers or headphones to listen in. And you can join the conversation with a mic, a webcam, or just your good old-fashioned keyboard. Maybe I'll even be sitting in that same chair with that very same IKEA teacup. OR MAYBE NOT. TUNE IN TO FIND OUT.

P.S. - this is open to all ages, so please behave yourselves.