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I've bought your book the moment it was released: awesome and thanks for writing that story. The book itself lived up to my expectations, regarding the "previews" released by you on YouTube. I have a question: on your website you have two graphics about Gracie: Gracie's Fall and Gracie Gets Back Up. The accompanying texts made me hungry for more. Is there a complete story coming up sometime or do you leave it at that? The latter would be a pity although my imagination carries me towards a nice story too. But that could never be something that you would create. And that's what interests me.  -EA I have always wanted to do a longer story for Gracie but haven't gotten around to it yet. So, let's just say that I have no immediate plans, but she's on my mind. Glad you liked the book! :)

Hello, Ms. Katy towell I know your very bussie, but I just had to ask if there would be more books for the Skary Childrin, with the same kids. I loved it by the way! My friends want to read it so I'm letting them brow my book. Your drawings were great! I read pages 174 and 175 before I went to bed, I was a little freaked out but that just made it more fun! It's cool how you got the bugs on the page, I just finest the book. I was a little sad, I always am when good stories end. -C

Aw, thank you! And I don't know if there will be more books with the same band of kids just yet. I am working on a second novel at the moment, but it's about another kid entirely. That doesn't mean never, though!

Hey Katy, um Few things:

1) thank you for signing my book.

2) Thanks to the 31 letters from previous inhabitants I'm jumpy now but, seeing how I'm too wussed out to see the ones that says "Click Link Bellow" could you tell me what they were?

and 3) ....were those based on actual events? 


1) You're welcome! 2) They were letters from ghosts, of course. As to what those letters said, you're just going to have to take the risk and click those links. ;-) 3) Yes. ...In my mind.

I just saw that you published you book, congrats on that, i love your animations on youtube (that's where i found you ^_^) and i was wondering if your book will also be avalible in the Netherlands (where i live). If so, where can i buy it? -J

I am a girl 12 years old I loved your animations I would appreciate if you could inform me, your book is sold in Brazil? I live in Brazil and would love to read your book! -H

Hi. I'm an 18 years old girl from norway, and i'm a huge fan of you and your work. where do you get your inspiration from? i also wanted to know if your book, the carousel of sorrow, is sold here in norway? i haven't seen it anywhere :( I hope you will answer me ^^ have a skary day =D -B

For those of you seeking the book outside the US and Canada, check with your favorite book store first. If they don't have it (and they very well may not), you can order it online. I recommend BookDepository for this because they have free shipping wordwide.

Hello katy I got you a question.... why did you make SKARY.NET? -AC

Because childrin r skary? Really, though, I started drawing the series to cheer myself up. It was cathartic and fun and nearly never meant to be taken seriously. Several years later, it's still fun! Beyond that, I guess the answer would be the same as if the question were why any artist makes anything.

Because the mothership commands it.


Frequently Asked Questions Answered

I get a lot of email from you all (which I love!), and there are a few questions I get more than others. Once upon a time I had an FAQ page, but I think it fell down the rabbit hole. I couldn't tell you what happened to it, but I imagine it's probably having tea with a festively bewigged Johnny Depp or something. So, here's a new one! [toc title="FAQ Contents:" hint="Click a title to jump down to it!" style="inline CSS style"]

What software do you use to make your movies?

Adobe Flash.

Where do you get your inspiration?

From everything around me. Memories, music, nightmares, things I thought someone said but actually misheard, shapes in the clouds, interesting patterns in half-mixed cake ingredients. There's no one source for creativity. So, if you're hoping to find a magical font of inspiration, all I can say is look around you. It's everywhere!

I have an idea for a cartoon. You could do one about...

No, I couldn't. If you have a story idea, I wholly encourage you to do something with it! Invent your own characters and make your idea come to life. Don't give it away to someone else! I just can't take anyone else's idea, no matter how great it might be. It wouldn't be mine, you see, and that's important. (But thank you for the suggestions, of course!)

Where do you get the music you use in your movies?

Sometimes friends write it for me. I've occasionally found songs in the public domain. Sometimes I purchase a license for royalty-free music, and there are a variety of places to order such tracks. I will not use anything without permission. Unfortunately, this also means you usually can't look up the tracks on iTunes and order them for yourself.

When is your book coming out? Where can I find your book?

Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow came out on August 23rd, 2011 and is available pretty much everywhere. If you can't find it in a local shop, you can most certainly order it online. BookDepository offers free shipping worldwide, so that's usually my recommendation for those of you outside the US.

What's the book about?

It's about a terrible evil that takes up residence in the woods of a small, forgotten town already cursed by dark forces and locked in perpetual autumn. People have vanished! Ghosts shriek desperate warnings! And there are signs of worse to come. It's up to three strange girls and one rather awkward boy to save this town, even though they have been cruelly outcast by it.

How do I get you to autograph my copy of your book?

Send it with return postage, preferably on a self-addressed envelope (USPS priority mail envelopes make this easy if you're in the States) to:


Be sure to let me know who I'm signing it for and if there are any special messages you want me to write!

Will you make a music video for my band?

How much are you willing to pay? ;-) And, well, no. Probably not. It's not that your band isn't great. It's just that animation is an arduous process for me, and I don't know how I'd manage to find the time!

Can my band make music for one of your videos?

I'm extremely selective when it comes to the music that I use, so unless I've posted a call for music submissions, I've probably already got something in mind. Also, I'd feel bad about asking for a lot of changes, and you know I would ask.

I'd like to offer my talents as a voice actor.

Thank you! ...but, just as with music, unless I've made a specific call for voice actors, I'm not really looking for anybody as I already have a list of go-to people. It wouldn't be an easy job, anyway. I'm a mean director. I made Tim Jones cry when he was working on The Little Girl. Um... don't tell him I said that. It's, uh, very upsetting for him. Yes.

How did you come up with the idea for Skary?

The Childrin were mostly inspired by the antics of actual children. I worked with preschoolers a long time ago. Loved it. But I found that kids really do say the darnedest things. The darnedest, creepiest, most disturbing things. And they have no idea how strange the things they're saying are! Yet they say it all with such sweet, cherubic smiles. Parents don't usually allow their little ones to play with sharp objects. You think that's for the kids' protection? THINK AGAIN.

Who does your web design?

I do!

Can I send you my resume?

Er... okay, but it won't do you much good. I'm a one-woman operation.

Will you answer some questions for my school project?

I usually do, but it can take me a while to get to all my email. So, please don't ask if you've got a close deadline, and I recommend having a backup plan!

Have you thought about collaborating with Tim Burton?

Sure. But has he thought about collaborating with me? I don't know! Let me call him up and ask. Hold on. Got another call. Oh, drat, it's Scorsese again. I gotta take this.

Those are all the FAQs I can think up at the moment! As always, if you have other questions, use the form and ask away.