doc waits

It's Dot Com!

In what will undoubtedly be more exciting news for me than for you: I have FINALLY acquired the domain! So, any day now, you'll be able to tell people to go to, and you won't have to text them later to say, "My bad. It's skary dot NET," and all those blogs that have been getting it wrong for eight years now will not have to do a darned thing. Update: Childrin R Skary has officially relocated. Any old links you have pointing to will redirect automatically. If you tell anyone about the site, make sure you waggle your eyebrows and do witchy fingers as you emphasize "dot COM!" Then watch as your friends ooh and ah before they've even seen it.

In celebration, here's a totally unrelated illustration of what Doctor Who would be like if Tom Waits were the Doctor.

Doc Waits