Your thoughts on Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow

I'm almost done with that Ash Tree cartoon I mentioned a while back, and I'm making progress on a detailed synopsis of my NEXT book, which I can't tell you anything about just yet. In the mean time, I've been receiving a lot of wonderful emails and Facebook/G+/Twitter/YouTube comments from people who have read Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow (or whose children/grandchildren have)! I just had to share some of them with you.

Dear miss towell~ I have ordered your book , and it arrived two days ago , i read it and it gave me goosebumps , my favourite part was the henry part , my face was like glued to the book ,my cousin wants to borrow it but my face Wont let her , (^0^)/ and you are my favourite author , i hope you keep making more awesome and brilliant books .

P.S : i downloaded the warning posters and stuck them all over my room , and i placed some on my school note books , so my teachers can be safe :3


I have been trying to get my 11 year old Granddaughter Isabella to read more, in that effort I bought this book. She has not put it down since I gave it to her Saturday. She keeps asking if and when there will be another. Kudos and Thanks !


Dear Katy Towell,

I absolutely LOVE your new book! So far I am only about half-way through it, but I already have in on my mental list of favorite books. The characters' personalities fit together so perfectly! I feel really sad for some of them sometimes though, for example, when [spoiler!]I almost cried for her. Becky Buschard has no soul... 


I found myself reading the book out loud to my 16 y.o. daughter and 11 y.o. son in my car last week in a store parking lot. No intro, just at a random spot in the chapter where the scary childrin come in from their first detention with the new librarian. We ALL had a great time and were upset when mom came back from the store because that meant we had to move on and stop reading. Katy? Thank you so much.


 just finished it and WOW!!!! It was absolutely amazing! :D I loved Adelaide and Beatrice is adorable! 5, 50 stars! :D


 ...The news of your book made me not think twice and i pre-orered it and also intending to pay for it with my savings.I must admit i was too anxious to read it and what joy was when it arrived in the mail ,even though i was wet from the rain i sttarted reading it immediately!I Liked this book very much it became my most favorite one of all, since ithad evrything i wished that not so splatter horror but the creepy skary one that is very rare to find.Your work inspired me on writing again since i kind of left a unfinished project but your book maked me write again and hoping that i also will create my own book. 

...Im never been a "Fan" of nothing expect now i thank you for creating this world full of creepiness.

Your Skary fan from Finland


completed reading. this was really a page-turner. trying to encourage my 11 year old to abandon re-reading his wimpy kid books and start reading yours.


I just finished it. it's just amazing. really thrilling and touching and funny and awsome :D I'll probably buy a few more copies and give them to friends.


Hi! About an hour ago, my dad gave me my birthday present... Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow! Apparently, he had to drive an hour out of town to get it. :O I cannot *wait* to read it (over and over again). It's my favorite book in my collection and I haven't even opened it yet. xD Now to speed-read the book I'm currently reading to make time for Skary Childrin awesomeness!


I have read your book and i just loved it. I loved your cartoons too, they reminded me of my fears and monster I use to believe in when I was a little girl. Bringing it all back, it just touched me. You have made me a fan of your work.


It's AMAZING! I haven't read a whole book since high school. I've had the book for almost 3 days now and honestly I don't want to put it down!! :D


Bought this today. 20 pages in in less than 20 minutes. I AM LOVING THIS SO MUCH IT IS RIDICULOUS.


Myself im re-reading this book since i loved it to death,just a great book now one of my most dear favorite!Now i have this book in my arms everywhere i go and iff i made to have this boook in Finland then elsewhere will be easier to find!<3<3


I finally got my copy and had a chance to read it. Bravo! Its been a long time since I've read a book cover to cover in a sitting. You've come quite a ways from the weather reports we did as kids (though you apparently still have a penchant for stories regarding unusual weather). As for my favorite part- the little details/asides. The part about the Beatrice's letter making an unusual stop in front of the cheese shop was perhaps my favorite detail in the book.

--AR (a childhood friend of mine)

Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow

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