Halloween in March Contest

Remember last year's 31 Days of Halloween? Of course you do! Unless you don't. But that's another matter entirely. You see, you - yes, you! - could win one of those 31 letters for yourself. Not just one of you, but three of you. First things first, though. Here are the three letters up for the winning:

One of you will win your choice of any of those three. Another of you will win your choice of the two still on the table after the first pick. And the third place winner will win the remaining note. Now, here's what you have to do. It won't be too painful. This time.

  1. Write your own ghost letter. It can be from a known spirit in the house or from a new one you've imagined, but it must be related to the story of last year's 31 Days of Halloween.
  2. But you're not just writing it. You're creating it. Use whatever materials you have available to make your letter stand out, whether that's crayon, Photoshop or some kind of strange voodoo. Presentation is important.
  3. Finish it by 12:01 AM Pacific, March 7th, 2011. No exceptions. Not even if you beg.
  4. Send it through the form below. Do NOT send Facebook links. Feel free to post your work anywhere you like, of course, but you must use the form below to enter the contest! Note: the form below is for uploading image files. If you have a video, please upload it somewhere public. Then attach a screen cap via the form below and include a link to your video in the message body.

You may send as many letters as you like, but only one from three different people will be chosen. This is about quality, not quantity. You may get help from friends and family, but only one letter will be sent to you should you be a winner.

Be creative and have fun! Winners will be announced here, on Facebook, and on Twitter by March 11th, 2011.

[CONTEST CLOSED. Results posted soon!]