The "By Jove! It's Skary!" Project.

I have a mission for you all. It's a very important mission, and it could determine the outcome of the entire future! It is of such vital importance that I can only entrust it to Skary fans. It is... A COLLAGE. [bum bum buuuuuuum!]

Good heavens! I don't think I've ever seen anything so Skary in my entire life.

I'm looking for things that remind you all of the Childrin. Not other people's artwork or things that are already officially Skary, but random mundane objects that instantly made you think, "By Jove! It's Skary!" For instance, a pair of black olives, one of which was larger than the other. Or something black and white and red-all-over that wasn't a newspaper. It's best, of course, if you haven't staged it at all. Once you've seen such things, take a photo of them and send them to me using this form.

These images will be made into the most fantastic collage ever known to mankind. Or at least, to me. And maybe to you. This delightfully Skary collage will be posted to (with proper credit) once enough images have been collected, and it will continue to be updated as long as you continue to send me images.


  1. The photo must have been taken by YOU. Do not pull photos/images from the internet, please.
  2. The object you're photographing must remind you of Skary in some way.
  3. The object you're photographing must not be someone else's artwork or something that's already officially Skary (such as a Childrin R Skary poster or something)

People with Cameras: Embark!