Shout-out to Mrs. Corcoran and class!

This is the kind of email (okay, so there are many kinds, but this is definitely one of them) that makes me smile. From: Mrs. Corcoran's class

We have been reading aloud your story for the last 2 months.We feel that it is exciting, scary, and a little disgusting. Whenever our teacher reads, we are completely enthralled by the story line. We just found your website and wondered if you are planning to make a movie in the future? Please contact us.

Hello, Mrs. Corcoran's class!

I'm so happy to hear you're all enjoying the book. :) I don't have any plans for a movie made of it yet, but I have been contacted by movie producers before, so who knows? It could happen! In the mean time, I'm working on unrelated animated shorts and writing another book that I hope will be even more exciting, scary, and a little disgusting, too. ;-)
Thanks for emailing me!