I want to be a vocal volunteer! [NOW CLOSED]

Skary Sam Wants YOU
Skary Sam Wants YOU

[Update: Wow! So much response! I think we have all the help we need now. Applications are closed, but there will be other chances to participate in the future!]

Hello there, Skary Skouts! I'm looking for a few good men and women to record some paragraphs of dialogue for an upcoming project starring YOU! You don't need to be professional actors or have an expensive home studio! But you do need to:

  • be able to read naturally and clearly. You will be reading as if these are your own thoughts. But this isn't a production of Macbeth, so it's best if you just sound like yourself.
  • have a microphone! It doesn't need to be fancy, but the better quality recording you can send me, the more likely your recording will be used.
  • have an open mind. This is for a horror production. Some of the content you may be asked to read could be offensive or disturbing. It's just fiction, though, and you are free to use a stage name of your choosing if you'd like to stay anonymous.
  • send your recording to me by 11:59pm pacific on September 25th
  • be over the age of 18 (there may be strong language and violent themes, and all the characters are adults anyway)
  • keep quiet about the content of your reading until the production goes live (you'll know ahead of time).

Bonus points if you're fluent in languages other than English! There may be a few foreign language segments if enough speakers apply.

And that's it! Just fill out the form below to let me know what you can do (submissions will be accepted as needed but no later than 11:59pm Pacific on September 11th) Understand that it may not be possible to use every recording, and I can't give a reading opportunity to everyone who applies. But if you're picked and send a recording, you'll be given a signed copy of Charlie and the Grandmothers for your trouble whether your work is used or not. Whaddya say?

If selected to read, you'll receive a script by September 14th. These readings will be 2-3 normal-sized paragraphs on average.

Applications are now closed. Thank you all for your interest. This is gonna be awesome!