I went to some ghost towns!

What am I talking about? I’m always going to ghost towns! But one thing I’m never doing is blogging, which I feel like maaaaybe I should do once in a while? Anyway, here are a few shots from my most recent trip with a friend to the middle of nowhere. Places like these inspire a lot of my stories, so I like to share when I can.

This was in Boyd, OR:

While photographing the abandoned granary there, I looked up the road and caught sight of something fluffy. I crept up close to it, stared down at it, trying to figure out what I was looking at. Some kind of rodent? A kitten? And that’s when I noticed two huge, cold, black eyes staring up. It was an owl… head. Just the head, cleanly separated from its body, which was nowhere to be found. I like to imagine I’m the queen of darkness, but folks, I ran around flailing and squealing like a little girl in the middle of nowhere. And then I took a picture. It’s not particularly gross, but it’s hard to look at all the same, so view at your own risk.



After that, it was on to Dufur, OR where there was an old cemetery buried in thick grass that went up almost to my hips in places. We weren’t sure if we could even get in at first; the gate was chained. But I discovered it was just clipped into place to keep the gate closed in the strong, literally howling wind that gasped through this old place, sending the gate screeeeeee-ing open and shut when untethered. It was delightfully creepy, I have to say.

For the curious, I mostly shot with a Mamiya C220 TLR on Kodak Ektar 100 film. There are a few snaps with a Zenit ET + Kodak Gold 200. The photo of me in front of a tombstone was taken by my friend Zaf.

Anyway, don’t be surprised if you get some scary farm stories soon, that’s all I’m saying. ;)

Katy Towell

Author, Artist, Illustrator