Coming this Halloween

It's almost October! Almost every year, I do some kinda 31-Days-of-Halloween. Last year's was four weekly installments of an audio play called After the Stars Fell (in which many of you starred!). In years prior, I've done illustrations, poems, and micro-short animations

This year, however, I'm not going to be able to do something every day or even every week. That's because I'll be squeezing all my spare time into my weirdest, grossest, most disturbing production yet. You'll laugh!* You'll cry! You'll sit there, staring blankly at your screen, saying to yourself, "I'm not okay right now."

IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME. So, check back here on October 31st. 

*If you're some kinda weirdo


Katy Towell

Author, Artist, Illustrator