2016 Skarygiving Hand Turkey Contest

Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK here in the States! Last year, I held a contest for the scariest (Skariest?) hand turkey drawing, and the entries were amazing. Y'all got problems in the best way, you know that? ;) So, I'm doing it again this year! 

Here's what you do: draw a hand turkey and send it to me. See the rules below.

Here's what you win: The winning turkey and artist will be featured in a short story written by me and published right here. If time allows (and it didn't last year, but I may still get around to it this year), I'll record a reading of this story with background music and everything

Rules: You don't have to be in the US to participate, but you DO have to enter your turkey by THIS FRIDAY the 25th at 11:59pm Pacific for judging. Ways to enter:

  1. Upload your drawing via this form
  2. Post it on Instagram and tag @officialkatytowell OR
  3. Post it to Twitter and mention @katytowell

BONUS ROUND: Get a pic of yourself donating food/goods to a shelter or food drive, and you'll be part of the story whether you win or not. You don't have to draw a turkey for this one unless you want to, and you have an extended deadline of Sunday at 11:59pm Pacific to get that photo to me by the same methods listed above. This one's for a good cause, so be honest!

READY? LET'S DO THIS. Here's last year's winner and prize

Katy Towell

Author, Artist, Illustrator