Fernwood: Super cool dudes you should listen to

So, there I was, catching up on my YouTube comments, when I saw a veritable (maybe actual) ton of lovely viewer comments that YouTube had, for some reason, marked as "likely spam" or some nonsense. And because I'm as slow as Christmas about these things (as some of you also mentioned in the comments, haha), I only just saw it all. Dang! I'm so sorry! You're all rad, and I value your feedback!

Anyway, among the not-actually-spam comments was a nice note from the super cool dudes of Fernwood. Two of their songs are featured in The Mockingbird Song, and they're massively talented. They're also just really cool guys who didn't know, when they recorded those tracks, that they'd be the soundtrack of an animated short about spine-ripping vampires, and they're totally okay with that.

So, this is just my regular PSA to go grab yourself some Fernwood albums from Bandcamp (the Mockingbird tracks are on Sangita, but Arcadia is one of my favorites), put them on, and relax. I particularly recommend them on a rainy day.



Katy Towell

Author, Artist, Illustrator