The Tale of the

Page Not Found

It was a dark and stormy night. You were driving down highway 404 when a lost and rain-soaked webpage flagged you down and asked for a ride home. As a kind user, you obliged. There was something sad and beautiful about this page, but you didn't think much of it at the time. You drove the page to a browser window and dropped it off where it politely thanked you for the ride. After you went home, you realized the page had left its sweater on your passenger seat. The next morning, you revisited the browser history to return the sweater, but when you knocked on the door, an error message answered. It cried when you handed over the sweater.

"Where did you get this?" it asked you. You explained the drive from the night before, but the error message shook its head.

"That can't be!" it said.


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