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Social Checklist! Are you following?

Did you know? I'm everywhere! But are you following? Here's the social checklist: YouTube Tumblr Facebook Google+ - I moved! So if you were following me before, follow THIS page instead. Twitter Pinterest Be sure to subscribe/follow/re-post/whatever or else my legion of monsters will follow you. Unless that's what you want. Then they won't. They're selective that way with their stalking.

Reminders and things!

Don't forget to pop by Tinychat tonight for an e-reading from Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow and a chat with me! All you need is a Tinychat account and a way to listen in. You can participate in the chat via webcam, mic, or text-chat! And while we're talking reminders, here are some more places to find me: Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube GoodReads And places to find my book: Amazon Barnes & Noble IndieBound Book Depository (free shipping worldwide) Chapters (Canada) Many, many others. Just ask your favorite store or library! Those of you...

News about the cartoon but also some answers

Hey and hello! I hope everyone had a happy Memorial Day weekend, even if you're not American. I spent mine writing, animating, and attending a barbecue where a horrible, terrible, awful children's version of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack was played. (Where can I get a copy for myself?) The upcoming cartoon is still underway and could take some time even though it's short, as I have other projects to work on. I'm not going to tell you when to expect it, but I guess I can tell you what it's about now that I'm...

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