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Goosemother Contest Winner

Congratulations, Emma Rose! Your drawing was selected as the winner for the Goosemother Scroll contest for its originality and generally awesome drawing skills. But that doesn't mean we didn't love everyone else's entries! It was a  tough call! Congrats again, Emma - your prize will be in the mail soon.

A Goosemother Contest

Greetings, Skarylings! There hasn't been much on this site in the past few weeks as I've been preparing for my move to Portlandia. There will be a few more days of radio silence from me yet while I actually do this moving thing. In the mean time, I have a job for you! Remember The Goosemother Scroll? I still have several of the original sketches. They're all just scraps, really, but they went on to become the digital paintings you saw in October. And they could be yours - if you win this contest, that...

And the winner is…

Merry Skary Christmas, everyone! I hope that all of you are having a marvelous day, whether you celebrate or not. Now *drumroll* for the winner of the contest to win a signed copy of my book: *more drumrolling* BRYAN CALLAGHAN and his daughter. Bryan, send me an email at and tell me where to send the book and to what name I should write the inscription. :)

We Wish You a Skary Christmas

What's the one thing you want for Christmas more than anything? Well, I'm afraid I can't give you a unicorn that transforms into the Batmobile on command, but I can give you the next best thing:  a signed copy of Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow! All you have to do is comment on my Facebook or Google+, OR follow and tweet @katytowell on Twitter, telling me why you want this book. You can enter to win it for yourself or gift it to someone you love! Send your comments today through Christmas Eve...

Book Giveaway

Well, that was fast. Remember that June 20th date I mentioned in my previous post? It just so happens to be the deadline to sign up/log in at GoodReads and put your name in for one of two advanced reader copies of the Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow that I'm giving away! I made it easy for you this time. Just click the button below to get started. Anyone in any country is eligible. Signups start now and end June 20th, 2011. GoodReads selects the winners, and I will sign the winner's copies....

Halloween in March winners chosen!

The Halloween in March: Unseen Letters contest came to an end as of the 7th, and my judges and I severely (yes, severely) enjoyed your entries! So, before I get to the winners, let me first say that you're ALL fantastic, and if you didn't win, it was because we could only pick three and so had to get down to the nittiest, grittiest, brassest of tacks to make our choices. And those choices are: 1st place Katie Katie also submitted this one, which we loved: 2nd Place

Halloween in March Contest

Remember last year's 31 Days of Halloween? Of course you do! Unless you don't. But that's another matter entirely. You see, you - yes, you! - could win one of those 31 letters for yourself. Not just one of you, but three of you. First things first, though. Here are the three letters up for the winning:

T-Shirts now on sale! Auxiliary Magazine interview! Contest results!

There was so much going on in this post that I actually had to break it up into two as I wouldn't want Death and little Elsie (and Barcas, of course) to be swallowed up by all this other news. So, expect that trio later. Now, onto the news! Skary tees are now available in the store! Mister Creazil and the Plague Kid are waiting to be worn by you, but they're currently in limited supply. Get yours while you can! All orders will be fulfilled by the good people of PrintMojo. In more news,...

Less Than Three Days Left!

There are fewer than three days left to show your allegiance and win your choice of the new Skary tees. Are you ready? I'll tell you now that you may have to step up your game. The entries we've gotten so far are top-notch. Picking a winner will not be easy! See what you're up against? (And these are only a few of them!) Candace's Music Video: And this one from Liz and her sister made me laugh: There are plenty more where those came from, but yours can only be one of them if...

Are you readying your proof?

Only a few days have passed since the Show Your Allegiance contest was announced, and already several are vying for their t-shirt. Here are just a few of the submissions that have come in so far. What have you got up your sleeve? Rory recites "Agony" Cynthia gives us a making-of comic for her illustration: Asa's niece is unequivocally Skary: