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It’s all Skary!

My drawing hands are flying busily as I work on Mockingbird to get it ready in time for its Halloween Christmas debut. In the mean time, remember the collage? Here's the state of it so far. You're all surrounded by a lot of creepy things (and people), you know that? ;-) I especially like the eggs:

Downloads and Photos

Did you see? Well, did you? There's a new Downloads page! At the moment, it simply has a few Twitter backgrounds for your use, but there will be more downloads in the near future. As far as those Twitter backgrounds go, I've included the most requested characters for now. Are there any others you'd like to see? In other news, the first place winner of Casilda's Hat Contest has received her hat. And look! She's taken pictures! I think it works for her, don't you? Rena is also a model for House of Pomegranates, which...

Graveyard Swing Shift

I've been receiving lots of really great images for the By Jove! It's Skary! collage (keep them coming!), but I just had to call attention to this one. It's pretty much the greatest thing I've ever seen. This photo comes from Auburn who says: "I took this picture outside my friend's Seventh Day Adventist church. The fact that it was such a creepy image outside of a church...I just had to take it." Thanks, Auburn!

The “By Jove! It’s Skary!” Project.

I have a mission for you all. It's a very important mission, and it could determine the outcome of the entire future! It is of such vital importance that I can only entrust it to Skary fans. It is... A COLLAGE. [bum bum buuuuuuum!] I'm looking for things that remind you all of the Childrin. Not other people's artwork or things that are already officially Skary, but random mundane objects that instantly made you think, "By Jove! It's Skary!" For instance, a pair of black olives, one of which was larger than the other. Or...

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