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New ‘toon coming soon: Monsterland

Now that I've released Death and Elsie 3, I can move on to other projects. Yay! This upcoming short was originally intended to be a super quick Halloween installment, but the story soon blossomed into something bigger. I can't say when you'll have it yet, but the characters have been drawn and the story's written. Now it just needs to be animated and recorded. It shouldn't be long now. In the mean time, here's a little tease for you. Be sure to check out the other Skary movies, too!

Charity for the Philippines

Hey, everyone! I'm late as usual on allllll my cartoons, but I had a book to wrap up and other offline commitments that I'm now squaring away. I can't thank you all enough for being so patient. That final late-but-better-than-never October cartoon will be up in a few days, and then Death & Elsie 3 will follow shortly after. And somewhere in there, I'll probably have to make some edits to the book again and then I'll disappear again... you know how it is. ;-) But! All of the above is just fluff compared to...

Well. This happened.

Okay, guys. Don't be mad, but... my latest 31 Days installment has become something much bigger than it started. But I MUST finish it! So, there's a change of 31 Days Plan again (I'm always doing that, aren't I?). I'm going to keep working on this little doozie, and then I'll post a bigger, better short somewhere around Halloween. That means you don't get little 30-second clips every other day, but consider the previous five episodes warm-ups to something a little more interesting. And, yes, Death & Elsie 3 will be released shortly after that....