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And the winner is…

Merry Skary Christmas, everyone! I hope that all of you are having a marvelous day, whether you celebrate or not. Now *drumroll* for the winner of the contest to win a signed copy of my book: *more drumrolling* BRYAN CALLAGHAN and his daughter. Bryan, send me an email at and tell me where to send the book and to what name I should write the inscription. :)

And now for a nature lesson

Polish fan Joanna sent me a photo of her Nepenthes Rebecca Soper, which is a carnivorous pitcher plant. And, as many of you know, I have a particular fondness for plants that eat living things! Pitcher plants work by attracting insects - and sometimes small rodents in some of the larger plants! - to their sticky sweet fluid. Once the prey falls into the liquid, it drowns, and the liquid breaks the body down to the nutrients the plant needs to survive. Delightfully diabolical, no? httpv://

We Wish You a Skary Christmas

What's the one thing you want for Christmas more than anything? Well, I'm afraid I can't give you a unicorn that transforms into the Batmobile on command, but I can give you the next best thing:  a signed copy of Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow! All you have to do is comment on my Facebook or Google+, OR follow and tweet @katytowell on Twitter, telling me why you want this book. You can enter to win it for yourself or gift it to someone you love! Send your comments today through Christmas Eve...

Shout-out to Mrs. Corcoran and class!

This is the kind of email (okay, so there are many kinds, but this is definitely one of them) that makes me smile. From: Mrs. Corcoran's class We have been reading aloud your story for the last 2 months.We feel that it is exciting, scary, and a little disgusting. Whenever our teacher reads, we are completely enthralled by the story line. We just found your website and wondered if you are planning to make a movie in the future? Please contact us. Hello, Mrs. Corcoran's class! I'm so happy to hear you're all enjoying the...

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